M17x r4 graphic problem

Hi, I'm at a loss as to what to do about my graphic situation. The display shows black when I try to enter windows 7 Pro normally. I can enter in safe mode. This setup is as follows:

Display Adapters
Intel HD Graphics 4000

I have uninstalled/reinstalled all graphic drivers including CCC and replaced them with the latest to no avail. I have reflashed the BIOS. I have attempted a restore and got met with BSOD giving graphic errors pointing to the ATI. Do you think perhaps my Discreet card is shot and somehow is passing the pre-boot Diagnostics anyway? I'm baffled. Any help would be appreciated


Apr 15, 2013
Try using only the Intel graphics and see if you can boot into windows normally. If so, then i would be leaning towards the AMD card being bad. If still unable to get into windows normally - boot into safe mode and run complete malware scan and verify that it is bug free.
With Intel Graphics ONLY it boots right up without incident. Does this mean I have no other option than to replace the AMD card?

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Well looks like I have to replace the graphics card. If so then I may as well upgrade it. Can someone help me in upgrading the M17x R4 graphics?
check out one of my older posts - I was interested in upgrading my card at one time. That particular post may give you some insight. Keep in mind though, I have an Nvidia card in my rig.

Sorry that it took so long to get back. I have decided that an upgrade of the video card would be best. I have priced them at Dell, on ebay, etc and I must say the cost is considerable. I have decided on the Nvidia 870 w/ 6 gb on board for about $450 purchased on ebay. Should be here in a week or so...I'll keep you posted if 1) It's what I paid for and is operational and 2) if it in fact resolves my vid issues
As promised I am back to report on the status of the GPU upgrade. The GTX 870M came yesterday and I couldn't wait to get to it. Wiped out all traces of the AMD/ATI drivers using DDU, disabled the Intel GFX and shut her down. Swapping the card was a snap being careful to replace all the thermal padding onto the same locations on the new card as the AW OEM. Repaste, closed and booted it up. BIOS sees the card on the way to booting, great. Enter windows and all hell breaks loose. Drivers will not install no matter what I do. Long story short (and this was hours of talking with both Nvidia and AW Support) the solution was found in a old post on Tech Inferno by J95 who did a VBIOS mod which I adapted for my situation. Worked like a charm. I am up and running. Big ups to J95 for a well documented fix.
Thanks...had a gr8 2 week run....after a normal shutdown booted it back up the next morning and was met with the dreaded DELL 7 BEEPS of DEATH....smh
no warning...no issues. Now system will not boot. Did everything I could think of including finally dismantling the unit and sticking the MOBO in the oven for an attempt at a reflow.....nada....any help would be welcomed.....