M17x R4 Major Upgrades

Jun 26, 2018
Hi, everybody. I have an m17x r4 and it's definitely time for an upgrade. I only have an nvidia 660. I have a 250Gb SSD and a 1Tb HDD with an i7-3630QM and 32Gb RAM. I'm looking to put a gtx 1060 or 1070 in it, preferably the 1070 (I'd try for a 1080 if I could honestly afford one). My display is only 1600x900 and it's honestly my biggest dislike about the system. I want to upgrade the display and I'd figure I have to in order to put a 1070 in it. I will also be buying a 240W or 330W PSU. (Probably a 330W just in case I want to upgrade to a next gen card in the future or decide to hunt down a 1080).

My questions are as follows:
1 - Will I require a 120hz panel if I want a 1070? How about for a 1060 and do the manufactures make a difference?
2 - Since I'm upgrading the display, is there a 4k screen available which is compatible with my m17x r4?
3 - I use the HDMI input. If I upgrade to a 1060 or a 1070, will I loose this functionality (i.e., if a 120hz display is required, will the integrated intel gpu be able to drive it with HDMI in?)
4 - Where can I find unlocked bios before I attempt these upgrades.
5 - If I eventually want to upgrade to an i7-3940xm, what heatsink or heatsink mod will I need? Would this CPU upgrade be definitely recommended as to not bottleneck the 1070 as much?

I love my alienware, and I can afford to bring it forward a few years so I can keep enjoying it. This type of GPU upgrade has been done successfully before, I just want a few questions answered before I attempt this myself. I appreciate the time taken to help me and I'm looking forward to hearing some thoughts on this in the comments.

EDIT: Also, I know I'll have to mod the chassis and heatsinks