M17x R4 - What is best processor motherboard support?


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Jan 6, 2022
Salutations fellow AO folk!

I've had an M17x R4 from new and have found that it's not Win 11 compliant.

I'm not too worried about Win 11 at the moment, but at some point I'll need to decide if this machine is upgradeable or goes to the great hardware pile in the sky. If it's the former, how I can work out what the best processor is that the m/b will support?


Apologies for sounding vague on something which will likely be obvious to many - I'm self confessedly not super technically adept with these things. For example, after a failed update bricked the machine in a boot failure cycle I had to reinstall Win10 last year to get 21H1 installed and in doing so lost AlienFX.

Thanks in advance.



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Mar 19, 2012
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Hello, you can only upgrade the processor to other Intel Gen 3 mobile CPU’s like the 3840QM or the extreme 3920XM or 3940XM. These are also not compatible with Windows 11 (although there are still workarounds which Microsoft haven’t closed yet). Windows 10 is still good for a number of years so there isn’t any reason to put the laptop in the bin just yet, other than the outdated GPU which can be upgraded.
To get the AlienFX back you will need to reinstall the Alienware Command Center Application from the Dell Support page using your systems Service Tag. The version for your laptop is