M17xR2 does not POST, only light and fan come on


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Feb 4, 2017
I believe my BIOS is bricked. I was flashing my BIOS and power was interrupted. It never went off when power was interrupted and for hours the system refused to complete the process. I tried to power it down manually but nothing happened. So I removed my batteries.

The laptop has not booted up since then. I ve tried all I can
1.reset the BIOS.
2.Blind flashing with a bootable pendrive (would using the cd rom be better?)
3.Tried re-seating rams, and GPUs.

Nothing has worked still.

On powering on, the system comes on. Fans pick up and slow down to almost being quiet. Power buttons (small alien head) lights up, keyboard backlight, track pad lights up, scroll lock LED continuously flash, CAPS lock LED stays on (no flashing like the other two). CDROM seem to run the CD stuck inside ita alot (it magically came out though yesterday).

What can I do to rectify issue?