M17xR4 Problems with Sound, GPU, Power...HELP!

I bought an Alienware M17xR4 back in 2012 and this thing has given me nothing but problems. The three biggest issues I'm having are that when I boot it up it up there is no sound. In order to get the sound back I have to put the computer to sleep, then close the laptop, unplug the power so it's on battery, open it back up waking it, then after about 15 secs or so the volume is back. The second problem is the laptop constantly says the wrong power cord is plugged in and its not supported. So I have to unplug it and replug it until it finally recognizes that it IS the correct power source. Third problem is the laptop will no recognize the Nvidia Graphics Card inside the laptop. It will only run off the Intel HD Graphics one. I've tried so many random things to try to fix these problems and don't know what to do. My warranty is expired so Dell can't come and fix it only thing I can afford is fixing it myself. This laptop was supposed to last me a long time and its barely made 2 years.

I've updated the BIOS, completely uninstalled all things Nvidia and reinstalled them, nothing I do is making it detect the Nvidia card. Help! I'm about to just go to console gaming because I can't stand all the issues with PC.


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Dec 22, 2014
M 17 RX 4 Ac power problem

I have the same problem with mine. I have the original AC adapter 180w and was shipped with the computer from Dell. According to Dell http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/04/SLN127781/EN I need a 240W for all configurations.

I get the same message and many times it does not recognize Nvidia G C.
Anyway you can get Nvidia back by pressing FN+F7 keys. It will reboot and Nvidia will start, but it is not the solution for the problem.

Note you can find out how many Watts you have by multiplying the output #s on the back of the AC adapter.
Mine is 91.5x9.23= 179.85W. I guess Dell screwed up and we have to buy a 240W adapter.