M18x R1 DDR3 memory compatibility and what speed is optimal

Jul 31, 2017
i7-2630QM processor BIOS A05

i've got two 32GB kits worth of DDR3L 1.35v kit.
-1 kit 32GB all kingston 1.35v
-1 kit 32GB all hynix 1.35v

neither will pass the Dell HW diagnostics extended memory test. it will just poweroff when hitting 100% of the test instead of displaying "All Tests Completed" prompt.

what i am doing is going into F12 diagnostics upon bootup and then hitting esc on everything then manually selecting memory, then testing that using custom extended test.

if i use any 1.5V of any size and combination, the memory will test fine.

if i test *ALL* not just memory, sometimes it progresses with errors, sometimes it just powers off.

therefore, it sounds like the R1s do not play nice with 1.35V ram.

that's fine, i'll be getting 1.5V RAM... now the next part of the question:

what's ideal? cost no object.

not into overclocking... but i hear it's pretty easy, so maybe i want to get DDR3-2133 and a X processor sandy bridge and see if that overclocks fine.

edits: i've been doin some more research and it doesn't look like anything faster than ddr3-1866 1.5V exists... newegg shows me a couple of sticks for 1866... but that's it.

looks like ddr3-1600 is the best bet for 1.5V-based sticks. not too much choices then.

i was always under the impression JEDEC tests for 1.35 included 1.5V backwards compatibility....
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Jul 31, 2017
so i ended up replacing the ddr3-1600 1.5V sticks... still didn't pass F12 diagnostics. still powering at the end when 100% completes.

until i disabled CPU turbo settings so there is no OC and that resolved the issue... but technically it ought to pass that imho.