M18x R1 is the FIRST laptop I've ever purchased!


Jul 31, 2017
Shocking as I'm closing in on decade 4 of my life and have worked in IT for almost 2 of those decades.

I've always used work or hand me downs from other people's out-dated products. I just came to the realization that I never actually spent $ on a laptop that is my own personal daily drive (always been using desktops, or workstation grade as primaries). The last time I really paid much attention to following enthusiast laptops were early 2000s and there were many discussion then of modular and inter-changeable parts for laptops where you can upgrade not just CPU and RAM but also GPUs. I always thought the OEM folks would be too cheap to allow that as it would eat future business if OEM made laptops as easily upgradeable as desktop or servers.

Lo and behold... I am now holding in my hand the M18x R1 that *CAN* upgrade to better GPUs!! That has been a huge shock... in addition to SLI! Won't this thing melt?

Anyways... happy to be here... hope the community keeps moving forward. I am really digging owning a beast of a machine... this can hardly be called a laptop given how huge it is hahahah.