M18xR1 Keyboard Backlit LED Ribbon Cable Clip Spare Part Advise

Lee Hookway

New Member
May 1, 2015
Hello & good day to you.

I have a Dell Alienware m18x R1 & my motherboard ribbon cable clip which the keyboard backlit LED connects into is broken.

It's the little brown clip with 2x L shaped legs on, one at each end which you gently press in when the ribbon cable is inserted to secure the ribbon cable.
Unfortunately both my 2x L shaped legs are broken on that clip now after around 20x removal & re-insertions over the years.

Please would anybody know where I could purchase a replacement clip or any other small PCB assemblies which might have one on that I can buy & remote to fit on mine.

Currently my laptop is running fine without that ribbon cable connected, but of course no backlit keyboard illumination any more.

Thank you very much in advance.

All my best.



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Jun 12, 2015

Please let me know if you managed to find a part as i am having the same issue with my m17x. Using pressure to hold the ribbon in place. Working for bow but would like to have a permanent solution.