M9750 BIOS Question


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Apr 23, 2020
Good day folks.

Hopefully someone could help me. I recently acquired an Alienware m9750. I had an old m9750 back on release sometime in 2006, to which it died, got tossed, and the nostalgia factor encouraged me to buy this one for relatively cheap. It was in fantastic condition, and I kinda want to make it the best machine it can be, for that era. Specs are as follows:

GeForce Go 7950 GTX 'D' Labelled card
4GB (3GB) DDR2 Ram @ 800MHz
Windows 7x64

So I am looking for the 0C03 bios for Windows VIsta/7. The current BIOS is 0F03. According to my research, the blue screen that occurs during a media key button press is solved once the BIOS is updated.

As well, I have questions regarding SLI in these units. The main card in this instance is a daughter card, presumably, with the D sticker. I am assuming this is akin to a slave. If I were to SLI this unit, I would need a master/mother GeForce Go 7950 GTX, as well as a bridge cable. The card is not easy to coe by, but I do see that Clevo variant is more prevalent, but seems to be encased in its heat sink, is some proprietary fashion. Anyone aware if this is able to be disassembled, and placed into the socket that the m9750 has, or is it proprietary as well?

I understand that this is a money pit, but it is something I am interested in doing, for nostalgia's sake, and just something to pass the time. Hopefully someone can provide some answers.



Mar 31, 2020
I'm currently having the same issue. I got a dead M9750 back to life a couple days ago and have been playing with it ever since, it's fully functional and I'm actually typing up this reply on it. I managed to get literally everything to work except the webcam (not a big deal for me) and the SLI. The machine I have has 2 8700m GTs, Master and Slave. Only one of the cards is recognized in device manager and SLI is not offered as an option on the NVIDIA control panel. I also have an M9700 which has 2 7900 Go GPUs in SLI, works perfectly no problem even though it's a bit older. For your reference, the M9750 is running Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit and the M9700 is running Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit. It's quite weird. If anyone has the latest Vista/7 Bios, please share! It would be much appreciated.