Mar 25, 2012
So my subsciption ran out and i decided to delete mcafee, what else should I get or should I even care really??? i mean i never had a virus before but anyway i dont mind getting something basic but i dont want to pay for mcafee or should I ?


Apr 29, 2013
Your lucky never having a virus or having an intrusion attack on you computer , They are everywhere online - I was on BING, and I typed in search bar, Emperor Chair (gaming desk set up that's absolutely epic) then clicked on images , when I selected a picture of the item I was looking for my Norton security flashed up with a warning straight away that it has just stopped a high risk intrusion attack on my PC . The people who try to hack you will have an easy time if you got no protection and you wouldn't even know your infected.
even if you download a freebie , something is better than nothing ,it doesn't matter what security company you go with.
Personally I will gladly part with £20 a year to know I'm safe.
We're in the same boat. McAfee was a pile of steaming bloat-ware I'm so glad it's gone. I picked up Kaspersky, people have said that it's resource use is low compared to Norton and McAfee.
I have no experience with it other than reviews but so far I really like it, gaming while it does a full system scan, no lag or CPU stress, still got the scan done in good time.
I agree with BlackJair.....I have found Microsoft Security Essentials to be really good. It is not bloated and doesn't appear to have a large footprint. I have tried a number of others but have had the least issues with Microsoft.

Working in the industry I know how important antivirus is and haven't had a virus, touch wood, in years......