meet Frankenstein


Feb 26, 2012
my aurora was giving me problems with a windows redo. so i decided to snag the one titan that wasnt liquid cooled yet took the mobo out of the p2 that was supposed to be for the wife a pci-e soundblaster sound card and made this

mobo:asus p8b75-v

cpu: i5 2400 (poor little guy)

ramm: corsair vengeance 16gigs @ 1600mhz

audio: pci-e soundblaster x-fi

gpu: evga gtx titan superclocked

hdd: 1 wd 1tb

95% of this build was spare parts laying around. does the cpu bottleneck with the beastly gpu? yes depending on the game you are playing. crysis 2 it actually shocked me though pushing 150 fps on very high settings and 80 fps on extreme. dont worry though the 3770k and the other goodies will be in this case shortly. but for now its pretty entertaining.