missing keybord light, HELP


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Nov 10, 2012
i have made a clean installation on my M17X ( first generation ) , and now there is no light in the keybord , i have heard that driver needs to be installed in a certain range , to make it work, is there anyone who know if this is correct
and can guide me what to do ?

Try this link.

Extract from the above link:

If you get to experience AlienFX issues with your computer as: the keyboard is not showing lights, no lights on the speakers’ area or similar, please perform the steps listed next:

  1. Drain the MB power (Turn off computer, remove AC Adapter and Battery, press the power button for about 20 seconds - the computer is not expected to turn on, reconnect the AC Adapter and Battery)
  2. Updated BIOS to latest version available at support.dell.com. You can also use for reference the documentation available at:
Drivers & Downloads Help:

KB Article –ID: 266522: