Dec 16, 2018
Ok so some one called Matt emailed me a few days ago asking about my old MJ12.

We exchanged a few emails and the upshot was that I may possibly know someone with the case.

Just one issue. Matt emailed me loads of pics and I opened the email on my phone (something I don't like much) and accidentally deleted our entire conversation. Including all of the pics.

I tried to create a new email but my phone was not finding a Matt . I've been unable to reply, stupid phones.

Any way Matt if you are reading and you are the guy looking for an MJ12 then apparently my buddy still has his that he bought at the time I got mine. Apparently it's allve and we'll, and "in storage somewhere".

Like me be bought it new in 2007 from the now no more Alienware outlet on eBay, but also like me switched it very quickly for a P2 ALX.

Email me again whoever you are and maybe, just maybe I can convince him to find it. Unlike me he is still very much in the USA (MD) so the logistics are possible.

Cheers !