MMC.SD.MS/PRO slot for wireless internet


Jun 29, 2013
I'm looking to get wireless internet wherever i am for my M14X,
The service that i'm thinking to take offers 3 kinds of simcards for this:
- Micro SIM
- Nano SIM

read here:
I need the regular sim (the biggest) but I've read somewhere that the slots in the alienware laptops dont work, is that true?

is it possible to take the nanosim and buy colanders/adaptors (nanosim inserted in a microsim holder, and the microsim holder inserted into a sim holder) so that i can use the NANOSIM for all purposes?

fe, if you look at the picture you see that microsim is for iphone 4 and nanosim for iphone 5, that i would still be able to use the nanosim for the iphone 4


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Ive found what i need, just need to know if SIM card reader works for wireless internet?
can anyone confirm?
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I looked into that while I still had my M14x. I tried putting my simcard with data plan into the machine, but when you push it in, nothing engages. You feel a spring resistance and then it pushes it back out, no luck on that front. I think someone from Dell should clarify what that slot is actually for and if it is indeed for SIM, why the heck it doesn't work.

I found it odd that a SIM slot was in a laptop, as it wasn't a feature they advertise and would have made it the first cellular internet based laptops. However that title goes to the Chromebook I believe.


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
I looked into this briefly too with my M11x. Only certain countries gave an option to include WWAN hardware in the machines. Australia was not one of them. You need the card and an antenna. I'm guessing you will need to find some software for it too. I'm not sure if you can then throw any compatible sim card in there and get it to work.
If you get it working let us know!


Jun 29, 2013
I think i understand, also just saw that my internet provider sells a usb stick to place the sim in and then just put in my laptop, i'm guessing this usb has an antenna worked in.
I will defenitly try first with just connecting the sim to the laptop using the sim card holder to see what that gives.
Will keep you up to date