Monitor Plug-in Question

I currently have my monitor plugged into the system's HDMI port which I believe connects to the integrated graphics, but I'm not sure if I should have it plugged into my video card directly, instead?

Does it switch to the video card when it needs to?

Which should I be using here?

Any help or advice here would be great, thanks.


Apr 19, 2012
It should be switching by itself. Mine had problems with the graphics switching out of the box. I ended up installing the newest Nvidia drivers (301.42 I think) and disabling Optimus. On a laptop I understand why it's a good thing, but on a desktop it's not really needed and is just a hassle IMHO.
Ok, so I updated the driver to the latest, which was 301.42 but now for some reason it thinks that I have 2 displays connected and lets my mouse go way off screen even thought there's nothing there. lol

I've rolled back the drivers and re-installed 301.42 again but same result.
Advice anyone? lol