monitor protection?

My uncle has the M15X and he just told me i should get a screen protector for both my M14x because it scratches easly and he is super anal about taking care of his stuff so anyone have the same problem with theres? and if so anyone know a good screen protector to buy.


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
I bought a few off eBay for my M11x. It was about 5000 times harder putting it on than an iPhone one so I gave up. If you are going to travel around with it I would suggest to keep it in the felt pouch that it comes in and get a felt mat or soft thin mouse pad to put between the keyboard and screen. You should be fine then.
Hmm well as far as the scratching goes, no, it does not get scratched easily, the only thing it does is it gets smudges because the keys of teh keyboard touch the screen when the laptop is closed, so that's the only thing you should look out for. But even that is not that bad, just wipe it out and that's it.