Monitoring pump stats (running) in OSD or logitech lcd keyboards?


Dec 15, 2012
Hi, i think there's no way, but i there a way to see the stat of liquid pump (running) in OSD (rivatuner msi after burner) or something, when i can see the stat of the pump, in gaming? Or in the lcd of logitech g19...
For now the only way to see the stat, is through Alienware Command Center, where i can select to see it on desktop..but i want to see it in gaming, together with the others value ( cpu and gpu temperatures, fps etc..)


Feb 26, 2012
you can go into thermal controls and click on the tab. see the little arrow looking things on the tabs. click on those and you can send them to your desktop. if you look in your right hand bottom corner of your task bar theres an icon labled thermal controls you can right click on it and arrange in a few dif ways. or arrange them yourself. but when you send them to your desktop right off the bat they are stacked one on top of each other. so you have to move them out the way to get to all of them. keep in mind what im showing you is my cc i do not have the factory cooler any more or do i have a system fan hooked to my cc boards. all my fans for my cooling loop is ran from my mobo