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Apr 24, 2020
United States
I would like to put together a list of motherboard swaps and whether or not it has functional lights on the Area 51 R2, or any other revision. If you have done a motherboard swap then please post the information of the motherboard and whether you were able to install ACC, if so which version, method of installation, if lights are fully functional, if the front lights are the only ones working, or if lights don't work at all. I'll go first...

Area 51 R2
ACC successfully installed via bios trick
Lights fully functional

I hope this is the start of a good thread for future mobo swappers. I will compile all post into a Google spreadsheet to make the information easily accessable to anyone.

Area 51 Mobo Swap Database
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Jan 9, 2013
A51 R2 seen on Reddit has an MSI Z490 Gaming Edge Wifi + Intel i7 10700

Lights are said to work before CmndCntr install --> "I haven't tried to reinstall the Alienware command center software but the LED lights are working fine as a single color") ... And after install --> "The AlienFX works flawlessly but only after downloading version 4.0.59 of the command center. I was able to access older versions of the software by entering my service tag"
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Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi

ACC successfully installed via bios trick.
Alienware AlienFX Editor is fully functional
NB: Enable ERP in the BIOS

2 USB extensions were required to reach the
USB & front panel headers. The USB cables for
the Alienware X99 motherboard were too short
to reach this motherboard.
NB: You may need to pinch holes in blocked ends.

As marked by the orange rectangle in the image,
the FIO_PWR1 USB cable was connected to the left
side of F_PANEL header on the motherboard:
The USB1 USB cable should be connected to F_USB1 or F_USB2.

Only this change was required during bios trick:

Thank you @eg1122 and everyone for your guidance.

I absolutely love this chassis!
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May 16, 2021
brothers, can please give us link of where you obtained bought the best usb cable 3.0 , usb 2.0 cable and front panel cables needed to connect to new motherboard? we are looking to replace our area 51 r2 to msi tomahawk z490. where do we connect them on the new motherboard and does the eject button on the cd drive still work?
You can get all 3 from Amazon or Newegg. The stock usb 3.0 cable will reach the motherboard of you dont have the original any internal usb 3.0 cable will work. Just make sure you get one that has one side at a 90° angle.

Instead for a usb 2.0 extension go for a longer replacement cable.

As far as an extender for the front panel these are the ones I used last fur a friend.