Moving X51 R2 into a new case


New Member
Jun 20, 2017
Hi guys, I'm going to move my alienware x51 R2 into a new case and i was wondering if I would be able to keep all of my parts and only switch out my graphics card and power supply for new ones. I was searching around and people said that it could be done but I'm still confused on how that would work because I thought that the X51 had a power board that limited the amount of watts that could go into the GPU. So would I just not use the power board in the new build? And if the X51 uses an external PSU how would it be able to use an internal PSU? Does it have a connection for it on the preexisting motherboard? I'm sorry if these questions are dumb, it's just that I'm new to all of this and it doesn't quit make sense to me.

Thanks to anyone who can help!