mPCIe in Wireless HD Slot


On my M14xR2, I don't have a Wireless HD card so the slot next to the WLAN card (my Killer Wireless) is empty. It looks like another normal mPCIe expansion card would fit in there... could I theoretically, say, put another WLAN card in there or something like that or is it a specialty port?

I want to run an external GPU setup and keep my WiFi.

That m.2 slot is probably using the mSATA interface and not PCI-E. Any mSATA SSD should work in there.

Well I would agree with the fact that it's an M.2 now that you mention it, but why would a WirelessHD card be using M.2? It could be just for power, but I dunno. Is it maybe a specially manufactured hybrid port (those do exist I believe)?

What I'm looking to do is get a mPCIe to desktop PCIe extender / riser for an external GPU and keep my wireless card - I realize that the wireless card would use up lanes, etc. but still I don't want to lose wireless.