Msi gtx 660?


Oct 19, 2013
Reference cards aren't necessarily better performance wise. However for the X51 what with the small form factor of the case they make more sense in terms that they force the air out of the back of the card therefore the case shouldn't get too hot. However reference cards are noisier than ACX designed card as they only have one fan.

I doubt you're Twin Frozr designed card will fit the X51 anyhow as the fan cover is higher than the card itself, even a reference card is a tight squeeze. It's worth a shot though if your supplier offer a no quibble refund.

If this card does fit and run however, I'd be interested in what temps the GPU runs at when maxed out, as I was initially hoping to go for the Twin Frozr 760 GTX, but decided to play it safe with the reference model.
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