Multiple GPU Questions.

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To say that I am not the most knowledgeable computer guy is an understatement, but I am the type of person that is willing to learn. Therefore I have a few questions. I recently brought an Aurora R3 and went with the standard SLI geforce 545 option mainly because I figured replacing the GPUs would be cheaper then buying the up grade should that become necessary.

Anyways my question is how does 2 mid-grade cards stack up against one top tier graphics card in pure graphics processing power? I really don't feel like I need to up grade right now as my computer runs everything smooth as warm butter. I was just interested in knowing the pro and cons of running multiple GPUs vs running one GPU.

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Feb 2, 2012
I am not expert either but in my experience it's the games you play that matter the most, depending on how well they take advantage of SLI/Crossfire setups. I play ARMA II, which is more CPU dependent. I ran a Crossfire setup, a dual GPU card, and a single GPU card with the same CPU/MB/MEM/SSD. I play at 2560x1600 res on a 30" monitor, and I had the best performance from a single EVGA GeForce 580GTX with 3GB of memory and slightly overclocked using their Precision tools.
Thanks for the input that is pretty much what I was getting from what I read in regard to Multiple GPUs; they sound cool but are unnecessary. Well, when it comes time to upgrade I will probably just go with a top tier single card. Unless I want to flaunt my hardware epeen and go with two top tier cards, but that would be just for showing off. lol
Interesting, the problem I have with SSD is size. I am greedy I like tons of space the last time my hard drive almost capped I was free disappointed.

If I were to get a SSD, I would also want a slave drive setup for extra storage. My questions is where would I need to store my games and "performance" based programs (slave or master) in order to get the best proformance out of the drive. Also what kind of increase how much in what type. I know SSDs improve DL speeds but how does that translate to improved game performance.
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