Multiple Monitors

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I got my Aurora R4 on Monday and I am looking to hook up some other monitors.

I'm running Win7 64 bit Intel Core i7-3820 CPU @ 3.60 GHZ with with 16 GB of RAM and Dual AMD Radeon HD 7800.

The back of my video card looks like....


But there are two cards, so I have exactly twice that.

Currently I'm hooking up one monitor using the (bottom) DVI connection. However, I want to hook up two other monitors also using DVI. How can I get this done?


Feb 2, 2012

So this morning I picked up some cables - Mini Display Port to VGA. (That's all they had.) Came home, plugged it in, notta. Poop. Played with it for a few moments, then pulled the cord out of the Aurora. Son of a bitch - the plug that went into the Aurora was broken. I bought two of them, so I got the second one working - works great. Next time I'm out I'll get more cords.

Thanks for the help and advice. Next up - how to get COD to play on this monster.


Feb 26, 2012
are you goin triple screen which i high advise. im running 3 acer 19 inch screens off my duel 6850s. your mini display adaptor has to be an active adaptor or when you get in a game it cuts off the third or second monitor. also in your ccc of your card there should be a tab labled amd eyefinity multi display group click on that and click creat eyefinity group there you will go through the setup and bam done. o and you can only run multi screens off of the top card as its your main gpu. but eyefinity works in pairs of 3s if im not mistaken

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Feb 4, 2012
Looks pretty sweet. Like the art work. :)

On my big gaming rig I have a monitor and a 46" LCD TV. I have a second monitor that I am going to add but I have been lazy and it is still sitting in a box. So it will have three which works because it has two DVI ports and a mini HDMI for the TV. I just need to find time I guess.