Mx17R3 update or ditch

May 26, 2018

Expired November 22, 2012
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Express Service code
Memory : 8 GB
Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz[Cores 4] [Logical/Core 2]
Operating System : Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

wcd43-pme -dvd-rw drive and opu failed. Edge detection and webcam failed also.


DRAM-Failed to start

Got this as a gift just a few months before Alienware was purchased by dell. Its been my work horse and has taken a lot of abuse. I could describe it if need be but the fact in never failed or had a hiccup till W10 and worked fairly well after even though Id call it a limp mode for what I was used to. Its now reached the point I need to upgrade/repair it but Im not sure whats the best option. Unfortunately budget is key unless I need to cut my losses and take the step of just replacing it.
current issues- When windows 10 came through it tried several times to force it but I always cancelled or stopped. Then one day I started it up and it was different and I lost all my alienware color changing stuff- graphics on everything slowed failed or so choppy you couldn't watch anything. Then year or more later, turned it on and it worked pretty sweet again but still...limp ish mode. Until recently, everything updates changes or downloads. I ran tests, called alienware, researched ect...

what I found out is, I need to go in to a prompt and replace 2 specific numbers in lines of code. Theres a youtube video on it and I felt comfortable enough doing it but I cant find the exact numbers I need or anyone to answer on other forums. ALienware will not assist even though one tech helped me to a point I think he got in trouble.
Also these updates lie to me about my battery, 60% not charging but then next time on..100% No issues. It somehow effects when/how often or long the disk drive will work(read or burn cds)

Today as of posting.
Im ready to tear it down, re thermal everything and replace whatever needed. Ive got codes on what problems are popping up, its a chipset that wont stay installed, and graphics driver. A recent code did say my disk drive needed replaced...So I wondered total cost of replacing these parts so I can update it good enough to play & record games like wow & strategy..Ive twitched with it before and in limp mode so I figured upgrades would only improve it(hopefully).

Ive read up to the best of my knowledge but its mostly been peoples opinions on pushing the limits. I know you cant upgrade laptops that much but I can fix my drive more ram and it should be decent enough right?? or...should I just cut my attempts and find a 2nd use and buy a desk top gaming...(any recommends on those would be extremely appreciated)

I tried to keep it short, simple and as much info without a book...I may have failed on that part but im getting kinda desperate. It could be a simple 2 line fix( $000) or replace parts/ unit itself ( 800-??) I can post more specific details if needed just ask
May 26, 2018
Anything from anyone would be extremely helpful. Time is an issue and I don't want to drop 800 on something from digitalstorm or over spend from alienware itself. Another issue I forgot is I have no monitor to go with a new set up.