Mx18x R2 wont start


New Member
May 12, 2016
I purchased an Mx18x r2 in 2012. It had always worked fine until 2 weeks ago when I had my first problem. I turned it on and it beeped several times. The keyboard lights up as well as the Alienware logo and scroll pad. Nothing on the monitor. The power button is a constant red with the adapter plugged in. I turned it off and on several times and it finally came on and has worked normally until today.

Now same problem. It clearly beeps once followed by a variable number of beeps. The beeps are so fast and close together it is hard to count them after the first one. I do clearly hear 3 beeps sometimes but other times it is more like 5 and 7 but it’s so hard to count them. I tried taking the battery out and holding down the power button. I tried the Fn key, D key F2 with nothing. I tried connecting an external monitor and nothing happens.

Any suggestions?