My 2 month old Aurora R4 just went all Blue screen on me (BSOD) on me :(

I go to turn on my R4 today and it loads up as normal so i go get a beer and when i come back my pc is changing colours like it does in sleep mode so i hit a key thinking it will pop back on and then i get the blue screen of death...... Im devasted so I did a quick restore which went back 3 days but the same thing happens it just loads and after a minute or so it shutdowns , blue screens and then I can either restart in safe mode or just let it loop again. I havent downloaded anything prior to this and my pc is virus protected etc via a payed version of Avast. I have only had it for a couple of weeks and its going to cost me $150 to post it back to the pc place i bought it from. Since i havent had it long so Im thinking, Is it easy to do a full re install of windows 7 as I have the Windows 7 disk for alienware supplied. Also will i then need to update drivers to get my PC to work? I have been a console gamer for years now as I have never had a great deal of luck on PC's tbh.( seems to have continued methinks) For $3000 I would have hoped it would have lasted longer lol. I heard it may be a ram issue in which case its under warranty but if its a software clash that isnt so Im just in need of anyones knowledge. I have heard that these Alienware pc's can be a bit tempramental at times and the use of the word alienware bios version (which i have the latest I was told) keeps coming up when i read online. Am i in for some pain?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Mar 19, 2012
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You can do a preboot check. I can't remember the way to do it off hand but I have it on an email somewhere. I will have a look when I get back tonight. You could try asking Dell what the procedure is. It may help pinpoint where the issue is.

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OK, try this. After you turn your machine on keep hitting the F12 key until the Dell PreBoot System Assessment comes up. Select ePSA/Diagnostic. This will start up the Assessment to see if any of your hardware has failed.
My baby is back in all its R4 goodness. It turned out there was a Norton symantec clash. Funny I have and have always used Avast paid virus protection so where that came from I have no idea. Anyway it was worth the $80 to get my baby back working properly.