My Alienware 18 was stolen !!!!!!

sorry to hear that you got such a bad luck .
did you have the tracking thing from BIOS turned on ?

i think we should keep a look-out for the same configuration but with 1 HDD as well .
just in case the thief is really smart and wants to get away with this .

i really hope the police will catch whoever did this and you would get your laptop back !
Security Menu

Supervisor Password
Displays if the supervisor password is clear or set.
User Password
Displays if the user password is clear or set.
Set Service Tag
Displays the service tag of the computer when the service tag is present.
Displays a field to input the service tag manually when the service tag is absent.
Set Supervisor Password
Allows you to set the supervisor password. The supervisor password controls access to the system setup utility.
Set User Password
Allows you to set the user password. The user password controls access to the computer at boot.
Allows you to enable or disable Computrace security feature.

isn't Computrace a tracking thing ? it sounds to me like it is .
never tried it , plus my laptop still hasn't arrived :-S
Follow the link I posted above, click on the questions it gives answers. You pay a fee for software that activates the program in the bios so they can track your notebook where ever it is. even pulling the hard drives and installing a new windows won't stop it from calling for help as soon as they the thief hooks it to the internet.
I got a new Alienware 18 today. Little better specs than the one that was stolen will post later. But has anyone noticed that the serial number is not printed on the unit only the service tag. They told me that pawn shop searches are only done by the serial number. Where is my serial number found?
i would not know where they are located , since only tomorrow i should get my laptop from Service .
but the Service wrote me in the Service papers they sent me , they wrote me the serial number and model number .
you should also have them on your alienware box , somewhere on the side of it there's a sticker with a bar code and serial numbers .

so ... you had to buy a new one , or how did you get a new one ? insurance ?


Sep 27, 2013
Memphis, TN
No insurance but I wasn't going to do without so goodbye cash Hello alienware. ALIENWARE 18 i7-4900MQ OVERCLOCKED 32GB 750GB 120GB SSD GTX770M SLI 1080P 8 Pro Got it on ebay factory refurbished for $2200.00 looks and works like new. I have the box that the stolen one came in and there is no serial # on it. I got the SN by calling dell and giving them the service tag #. I already installed the LOJACK on the new one $45.00 per year......... Hindsight is 20/20 !!

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Since you called 1-800-ALIENWARE to reported to them that the machine is stolen, they should be able to flag the Service Tag as a stolen machine in their system. If service and support is ever sought for that Service Tag, they might be able to assist in the recovery of the machine. Hopefully, the person that stole the thing (or the dummy that bought a stolen laptop) will be stupid enough to try to re-register it with Alienware as the new owner and get snagged.

The Service Tag actually is a serial number and uniquely identifies the machine and its rightful owner. It is on a label and also visible in the BIOS.

Sorry to hear that happened.

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