my Alienware m18x r2 makes 8 beeping noises and black screen when I turn it on


New Member
Jun 7, 2014
I recently had to get my video card reflowed due to over heating. After a week of being repaired I turned my alienware on in the morning and the beeping sound/black screen happened. I pulled the battery out for 30seconds and put it back in and still same issue. I went to work, turned it on when I came home and it worked fine. I ran a diagnostics test and no errors were found. It has been a week and everything was good untill today. I turned my laptop on, made myself a coffee, had a shower, came back to my alienware and found it was in sleep mode. Tried to get it back to normal and it didnt happen. Turned it off and when I switched it back on the 8 beeps, black screen problem occurred. I have spent hours today trying to fix the problem. (resitting the ram, using only 1 ram) etc. Nothing worked. I got fed up so give up trying to fix it and left it alone for a couple hours. I have just turned my alienware on and its working again.

Anyone got any ideas what the problem could be?