My computer won’t turn on


New Member
Sep 27, 2020
So the other day I was playing a game and my computer completely shut down. I thought it maybe overheated so I left it off for a few hours, when I came back it still would not turn back on. I unplugged all the usb ports disconnected the monitor and unplugged the power cord and did a drain when i plugged the power cord back into the wall, the blue light turned on but as soon as it plugged into the computer the blue light would turn off and the computer still won’t turn on.

Any idea what this might be?
There are a series of capacitors and components that handle the amount of voltage coming in to the computer. If they go bad, they can cause the symptoms you described. I would recommend using for diagnosis and repair. You can check them out on youtube. He fixes tons of laptops/computers. I've had them do a couple xbox's and an m11x some time ago. The m11x needed a chip replaced and it was only like $80 with shipping and parts.