My experience upgrading an Area-51 R2 to 2020 specs


Dec 8, 2020
I was upgrading my Area 51 R2 and a few of my cables weren’t long enough. My Panel 1 cable, USB3 FIO1 cable and my USB1 cable. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for longer versions of those cables that would be great!

So I had the same problem as you and took me forever to find, I bought the following ones you maybe intrested in:

For My Panel 1 cable, do you mean the power cable: / UBS 2 Header is there aswell

Power Internal Cable for AlienheadPower Reset SW Power HDD LED 10 Pin Internal Motherboard Cablemoddiy
Power Internal Cable for AlienheadShakmods Front Panel Black Sleeved Power Reset HDD LED Extension Cable 30cm UKEbay
USB PIn ExtenstionPremium USB 10 Pin Internal Header Female to Female Cable 50cmmoddiy
USB PIn ExtenstionAkasa EXUSBI-40 USB Internal Extension Cable 40cmEbay

For USB 3 I used these :

Motherboared to Alineware IO 3.0 to 3.0 CableDell Alienware Area 51 R2 USB 3.0 Cable From I/O Board to MB 8293G 08293GEbay
3.0 to 3.0 Extenstion Cable x 2TeamProfitcom Small Mini USB 3.0 19/20 Pin Internal Extension Header AdapterEbay

I am not sure which ones I went with I think combo of eBay and modfiy, but these should be the correct ones.

I got these from the good USA, took almost 2 months to come in do. Very painful when you wanna complete your build.

I think I may have some spare could give you at the cost price plus postage if you want.

Also I would suggest when you in there to Upgrade the fans unless the ones you have don't make much noise , mine where like a rocketship.

Hope that helps.

Send up some pics of your Alienware.