MY laptop went on fire!!!!!

So alienware sent me a brand new alienware 18 laptop because they sent there tech to change out my motherboard and when he entered the service tag into the bios (i told him he had the wrong one!!!, he said no he was right) he put in the wrong number. apparently there is no way to change it once its entered so i brought my brand new alienware 18 to work with me to show off to my friends. So i open it up and start it up (this is at police HQ) and i fire up battlefield 3 and begin to show off the power of my new laptop. ANd right there in the middle of police HQ in front of about 6 fellow police officers i notice the room filling up with dark smoke!!!...then i notice its coming from the back left side of my laptop!!!! and im talking heavy smoke, not a tiny bit of smoke because something is overheating. im talking heavy duty smoke that filled the room and you could even see flames coming from the back of the laptop!!!!

Alienware is sending me yet another laptop in the mail. I am demanding a free 5 year warranty for free. I spent $5300.00 on a product that has been nothing but garbage. Yes the performance is insane. Nothing touches it. But dealing with dell has been a nightmare. luckily i was able to quickly open up the laptop and grab my hard drives so all of my data was saved and undamaged.

Am i wrong to demand a free extended warranty? i mean i only have had the laptop for about a month and already i have had a motherboard exchange, then installed and entered wrongly, then got a replacement laptop and that one went on fire!!!!.. Luckily i still had the original laptop at home that has the wrong service tag entered. I was able to put in my SSD drives and Msata drive and its working fine. So the fire didnt damage my storage.

I mean what if that fire happened at home when i wasn't there? it could have burned the house down or even worse. I seriously think DELL should give me some $ back. Has anyone delt with them and had such problems that they demanded money back?

Im curious to know if im over reacting or not. I really think i have been more then calm throughout the whole situation. Its been one thing after another with DELL. I basically paid enough money for a used car for this laptop i should have a product that should be above and beyond the normal status quo when it comes to quality.


Aug 7, 2013
Austin, TX
WOW there are just no words or excuses for that. I am unsure what would have caused that post some pics. I have had one computer catch fire on me. So I definitely know it is possible. I am of the mind that if you like the laptop to get the replacement. Something was wrong with the one that caught fire and the odd of it happening (in the first place) again are highly unlikely. If you are uneasy then I suggest getting a refund and finding another laptop. But again I ask you to think of the odds of that happening not once but twice. There are a ton of custom places you can explore MSI, Sager/Clevo, Gigabyte, Origin, my brother swears by Digital Storm, Falcon Northwest, even Razer has a laptop (However I would not get it and I am a Razer fan (not fanboi)).

Did Dell cave and give you the 5 year extended warranty?