My M11X R1 heat problem


I received my M11x from Depot, due to the motherboard burnt down randomly. they replaced a new motherboard. But the problem is, it gets very very hot, the fan is very loud all the time. The laptop can only be switched on for less than 30 minutes or so, the GPU and CPU temperature keeps rising. Anyone know whats the problem?

Called Dell support, they tested my CPU and GPU with unigine, the temperature for GPU reaches 96c and CPU reaches 84c. They decided to send someeone over to replace the heatsink and fan. I hope this will solve the problem. I cant even switch it on for long, even though not using it and leaving the laptop on the table switching on, the temperature can rise to over 80 for GPU.

So I switched to INTEL HD, the temperature of CPU also rises, and the fan doesnt get slower.
After about 30 minutes, the bottom aluminium is very very hot, the palm rest is very hot as well.
alright, i will update here once its done. I just hope the tech will solve the problem. its saddening that i cant use my alienware m11x for more than 30 minutes, even though just idling. before this, i have it switched on for days, fan was fine, quiet, and loud when it is supposed to be, and the bottom plate was never this hot before. this is like boiling hot already.

besides that, the right speaker light is all messed up. when i turned the alienfx to red, it turns purple. and when i turn it off, it turns to blue. so the technician will come ot replace the heat sink and also replace the right speaker led.