My M11x's battery only last 1-2hrs

I have a m11x r2 bought sometime in 2011, warranty is already expired and Im the second owner. When bought this, battery life lasts around 2hrs (full charge to empty) on Power Saver mode of win7 plus I set everything from command center that is related to reducing power consumption when Im using battery in this mode. I accepted it as normal as it is running on i7 and I presumed, "its a gaming laptop, it pumps out so much power so it eats a lot of it from the battery too". Btw, its running an oem win7 ultimate x64 and everything seems to be what it is in the description (and how it looks like in unboxing videos in youtube).

Lately Im always on the go/on the road and I got so annoyed how I constatly have to be near a plug as after every two hours I have to plug. Unfortunately, when youre on the road, that not an always available option. So I was thinking of moving to ultrabooks but i just enjoy my m11x too much I dont wanna give it up. I searched up the battery life of m11x r2 in review articles and to my surprise, people are getting an average of 4-5hrs, some reached 6hrs and a rare few reached the 7hrs mark.

Mine has a battery life of an average of 1hr 30mins to 1hr 45mins and its a gift if it goes more than 2hrs. Again, Im in Power Saver mode, tweaked in command center, using the Alienware theme (aero) with mostly black colors, Windows' Visual effects set to "Let windows choose what's best for my computer", alien fx is off and using Integrated video card for everything except for battlefield 3 which i set to use ge fore 335M video card. My question is:
If this is my battery life should I now change battery? Or the aero just eats too much juicy and windows visual effects should be in "Adjust for best performance"?

heres what my battery says after using it a few mins from the moment i pulled the plug coz its already fully charged:
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Just need to get a new one, they start to lose life after so long. I'm in the same boat, they're not cheap even on eBay, cheapest I've found them was around 100$

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Definitely spring for a new battery. I easily get 5 hours out of my R3 and that's on Balanced mode. Power saver would be at least 7 hours. Well worth the money for a new one I think.

Hear hear. Just normal wear and tear.

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thank you very much for the advises guys. thats a relief! i dont want to shift back to a HP Envy nor a heavy Dell XPS 14 :)