my nightmare that has been dealing with Dell

Dealing with this company has seriously ruined what should have been a great experience. First it started with it taking me 2 whole days to be able to get connected to the right department so that i could pay for my laptop. This was because i was paying $2500.00 cash and i wanted to put the rest on my dell card. For some reason this was way too difficult a task for dell to handle. When i say 2 days, i literally mean 2 days. one of the days i probably called them 7 times. 5 of the times i was on the phone for over 30 minutes each time constantly getting tranferred and disconnected.

Next my laptop arrived, but wasn't factory overclocked like it was supposed to be. I contacted dell but dell tech support really had no clue what they were talking about. Then I updated to the new dell bios a few days ago. For some reason after the update my command center no longer worked. All the colors were stuck on green. I then spent 2 hours on the phone with alienware tech support and even with them connected to my computer remotely they could not fix the issue. They then told me i needed a new motherboard. After playing phone tag i did get a tech support guy to come to my house and change the motherboard.

Well, it didn't bother me that the guy who showed up was dressed like a woman. complete with womens jewelry, hair cut, clothes, and fingernails painted with pink nail polish. Fine to each their own, but when he/she was done they began to enter my service tag into the bios and i told them i thought it was wrong, they assured me it was right and i was just being a worrier.
Well guess what , the tech entered in the wrong service tag! I immediately called their cell phone and they admitted on the phone they messed up. They also said the only way to fix it was to get a completely new motherboard and have to set up a install again!!!.

Now i have been playing phone tag with alienware tech support to find out if having the wrong service tag would in anyway effect my warranty or anything.

Am i wrong to say I feel i should be given a free extended warranty? I paid over 5 grand for a computer and dell has shown to be nothing but incompetent. A free warranty would atleast make me feel somewhat reassured that when the next thing goes wrong it won't cost me anything.

I have yet to speak to them yet, hopefully tomorow i will be able to get through and figure out what to do. I dont want to have a tech come here and take apart my computer again.It seriously is a complete take down and apart and put back together.

Another thing i ordered with my laptop was the alienware 18 backpack which was supposed to come august 1st. now on back order till august 31st.

I also ordered the alienware mouse. Dell sent me two for some reason so i had to contact dell, get to speak to a live person who spoke English and have them email me a return label. I then had to bring the package to UPS to have it sent back to them. Well guess what, i just noticed the wire for the mouse is already ripped open. The protective cover around the wire is peeled off in one spot and the bare wire is exposed. Now i had to contact dell again and have them send me a new mouse and i have to send back the old broken one.

Please someone tell me I have a right to be angry. Never have i delt with such a unprofessional company. its really sad. That being said as of right now my laptop is running better then ever. My overclock using intel tune shows up in the bios and has been saved where as when i first got the laptop it would constantly reset back to stock settings.

Is me asking for a free extended warranty sound too much? I am not trying to be greedy. I really feel i deserve it for all the head aches i have been going through.