My Predator 2 Restomod (Pretty much complete)


Mar 31, 2020
Hey guys! Been meaning to post my on-going project that I've been working on during lock-down, but wanted it to be completely presentable before doing so. I have lusted after these specific cases for years, probably for the past 10 years or so. I've always been building my PCs, so I have never really been able to justify buying a pre-built from anyone. Purchased many AW laptops over the years but never a desktop. Therefore the only solution was to find a case and do my own build with the case how I always wanted to. During my youth, I modded the hell out of many cases, so I wanted to try to keep this one looking like it might have come from Pre-Dell AW back in 2006-2008. Although I do have 2 more Predator 2 cases in space black as well, and will be doing some cool things with them later but this specific one I built for my personal use as my main workstation/gaming rig.

These are the specifications of it as of 08/27/2020:

Intel Core i9 9900K
ROG Z390-E Gaming Motherboard
Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200MHz 64GB RAM (4 x 16GB)
Corsair H75 AIO (2018 Edition) - Stock 120mm fans replaced with Noctua 1700 fans
Corsair RM1000x PSU
EVGA RTX 2080 Super XC Ultra Gaming Triple Slot (Wanted the Ti, but waiting for Ampere so didn't want to go all in just yet), originally was a 2 slot version but went back to Micro Center and got the triple slot so don't let the pictures confuse you.
2 x WD Black NVMe 1TB SSD in RAID 0
1 x WD Black 7200RPM 2TB HDD for back up purposes
All original AW fans in case replaced with high RPM silent Noctua fans, all color matched (80mm 1800rpm fan replaced bottom two 5.25 bays, w/ a USB 3.0 Header replacing the top 5.25 bay)
Factory AW Sound deadening panel pulled from an another 7500 I found, literally bought the whole case just for the panel LOL, I know it doesn't do much but it looks really cool and I always wanted it in my ideal build with this case.

For consistency sake, I paired this system with a Alienware AW3418DW 34'' Ultrawide Monitor, purchased from Dell Outlet. Also a Logitech G-Pro TKL Keyboard and a G603 Mouse that I had lying around (one day ill pick up a G502 wireless but no need for it atm).

I found this Predator 2 on a random classified app I had never heard of called Letgo, offered the gentleman $50 and he kindly accepted the offer. He was located very close to me and have had a lot of success finding many Predator 2 cases in good condition locally here in SoCal/Inland Empire. Mind you, this was an entire complete system in pretty decent condition when I purchased it from him. It had a nice EVGA 790i SLI motherboard which I stupidly sold on eBay for $250, one of the handful of 775 socket boards that use DDR3 memory. Made my case free basically and took some of the cost off of my overall build but I feel like I couldve used it for another one of my cases. Oh well!


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