My story with overheating (it has a happy ending and a solution)

Right so I have an Alienware m18x and and it was in perfect condition when I bought it. However over the course of 6 months it accumualted so much dust that the temperatures of my GPU were at 75*C for idling and when playing anything remotely graphically intensive that rose to 105*C++ needless to say I started to experience thermal shutdowns. They became so frequent that I was unable to play games for more than 5 minutes without it suddenly shutting down. So I talked to a friend and he recommended I open it up and clean it, but that was not very attractive to me at all simply because I don't trust myself to not lose a screw or mess something or the other up unwittingly. I read online that someone had managed to clean their computer from the outside with a high-power electric duster ( All I did was put on the included attachments so that the air flow would be as narrow and focused as possible and focused it through the openings/vents without opening anything up. The dust was promptly removed and I expected it to have reduced a little but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my idling temp was now at 46*C and during intensive games (Crysis 3, ESO, Battlefield 4 all on everything ultra) I was running at 60-63*C which is absolutely awesome and pretty much the same as what I had when the laptop was brand new.

If you have overheating problems which you suspect are due to dust accumulation (often is) but don't want to open your laptop up then invest in an electric duster like the one I mentioned although it is expensive it has had incredible results for me and is worth every penny imo (much more efficient and more powerful than compressed air cans).