my video game manufacture want me to update my audio realtek ALC892 but no new update

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Jan 2, 2014
WA state
So what can i do i have realtek ALC892 on my alienware rev 1 board but there is no new updates on dell website so what can i do they say it is causing my game to crash and that i need to update them, but if i go to realtek wont i lose all the customized audio stuff??

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so over at dell forums they guy told me this but should i try it i dont want to break my board.

This Realtek page has a Windows 7/8/8.1 driver dated 5/21/14.

You can also try to install the Aurora-R4 Realtek ALC892 driver.
Version, A00
Windows 8.1

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There is updated drivers on realtek website but if i do this wont i loos all my waves maxx audio stuff??

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This is closed and fix for all thoughs needing new audio drivers go to realtek and down load the high def drivers they work and you don't loose anything wave maxxaudio turns into maxxaudio 4 and is the same.