My x51 r1 and the upgrade with GTX 760 evga 4GB (video)


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Jun 6, 2014
Hi all,

yesterday i've got a brand new EVGA GTX 760 FTW ACX b2289.jpg.
I've installed the graphic card and all seems to works good but i have two issues while in game (i'm trying with watch dogs)

Monitoring with Afterburner, i'm looking for this:

the fans after a couple of minutes start being too loud (at only 60/62% of fan speed) and the temperature will hit 80 c°
While in desktop, the fans seems to work well and the temperature is around 53 c° and 58 c°.

The real problem in my case isn't at all the temperature, but the high loud noise that the graphic card make, just like stand near an airplain xD
(check the video on the bottom)

I think the problems can be:

- the lack of air inside the case

- a defective model

- maybe the fact that i've used x2 6-pin to power up the card instead of x1 6-pin and x1 8-pin (just what the card exactly need)


So.. anyone can tell me WHAT it can be/i did wrong/can i do to solve my issue??

If someone have made the upgrade of the x51 with the same graphic card is welcome to share his experience!! :D

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