my x51 r3 keeps freezing


Jan 29, 2016
Hello, kga943. I want to second what MattyB said, when is it freezing? If the computer is on its desktop and the mouse and keyboard seem to be unresponsive then it could be an issue with your operating system drivers. When I had windows 8.1 every once in a while my Keyboard, Mouse and headset would all "Disconnect" and be unresponsive until I restarted the computer. However, the fix for me was upgrading to Windows 10 Pro so it was obvious (for me) that it was an issue with the OS.

Recommended steps (If you haven't contacted dell and it's only unresponsive keyboard and mouse but computer functionality remains okay)

Update GPU Driver if you have an AMD GPU then I believe you can get it from here: if you have an Nvidia GPU you can get it here:

Update Windows Drivers You can find more information here: or

Best of luck!

- sk.Empyre
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