Nameplate Not Readable?

Just curious about what I'm sure many will consider a very minor issue...

My new laptop arrived last night and is great so far. My question is about the custom nameplate. It is customized exactly the way I asked for it to be, but the engraving/etching (however it's done) is extremely light and barely readable. I can get very close to it (4-6 inches away from it) and STILL not be able to see what it says. And when I CAN make out some letters of my name, I have to do a combination of rotating the machine and moving my head around to get the light to reflect just right to allow me to see some of the other characters. It's basically impossible to read the entire nameplate at one time.

Pictures I've seen of others' nameplates show the characters very prominently, so I'm very curious as to whether or not anyone else here has the same experience - and that's just how the nameplates are - or is this something to follow up with Dell support on? (And is it even worth my time to bother?)

Since the question has come up, is it even possible to get replacement nameplates as far as anyone knows?

(Kind of figured that a custom nameplate would be the last thing I'd have to worry about on a $2500 machine. lol)
I would take a picture, call Dell support and email it to the support rep that speaks with you. They might be able to send you out a replacement.

It is an issue, because we are paying for the best, and everything should be the best. There should be no issues. But, these things happen. As long as it gets resolved right?
Ahh... I should do that one day. They said I was a good candidate for that over 10 years ago but I thought it was still to early on so I didn't go through with it. I would love to be able to see leaves on trees again! :p

Highly recommend it. You're not getting any younger, mate! I got mine done about 12 years ago, and my eyes are still great - seeing better than 20/20! They say I'll still potentially need reading glasses someday - as that's more a product of old[er] age when the muscles tire out. But I'm in my early 40's (yeah, an old dude) and no sign of needing them yet. I think I'll experience retina burn from my live light shows and go blind that way before I ever need reading glasses. lol


Feb 12, 2012
mine was perfect, probably best to get hold of someone. Just maybe they can just re-order you a nameplate and have you just replace it yourself. I was thinking that if anything happened to this machine or if i replaced it that i would put it on a chain and hang it from my rear view mirror or something. Maybe you could do that with your old one here if they let you keep it.