Need advice on Aurora purchase


Feb 24, 2012
Well the i7 3820 is Sandy Bridge E. The info on the specs on Tigerdirect has it listed as an 1155 socket but it is actually a 2011 socket which means it could always be upgraded to to a 6 core (3930k, 3960x, 4930k, 4960x). Not that an upgrade would be necessary...the 3820 is an excellent processor.

Overall it's worth the money. $999.00 after mir isn't bad. The GTX 660 is a great mid range card capable of playing most games with a high to ultra mix (depending on aa settings). The warranty is the same standard Alienware warranty you get if you were buying it from the Alienware website.

If you are planning on playing with the GTX 660 then it is worth the money. If you plan on upgrading the GPU, a worthwhile GPU upgrade would be in the $350 range putting you with a GTX 770 or an R9 280X. Any more than that and you would be better off going with a base model Aurora from For $1499 it comes with a GTX 680 (at the moment) and a slightly faster 4820k processor.

For the $999.00 it's a worthwhile investment for gaming. There isn't a game on the market it won't rip through at higher graphics settings. And it has plenty of upgrade options as the platform is still current.


Nov 3, 2013
Thanks for the excellent reply!

I missed my chance to get the Aurora on cyber Monday. My gift card from Oct ., X51 never got mailed ..I emailed and by the time they discovered it wasn't sent.. I lost out.
So I'm still looking and saw this, Thanks