Need advice on game recording.


Mar 5, 2012
i'm a few days from getting my alienware 17 970m with a 256 ssd + 1tb 7200rpm hdd 8gb mem. i'm excited as h***. And need some advice

Anyway i plan to record edit gameplay videos(nothing hardcore, sc2, war thunder) but it will take a number of recordings to get the best bits that i want and need.

Obviously windows, games and applications will be on the ssd, but which would be better for performance/no frame drops while gaming?
Have the game capture (bandicam, as i read it uses less resources than fraps) save files to the ssd and transfer them later on to the hdd during off time gaming?
Or will there be little to no difference if i have it saved directly to the hdd?

Additionally, i'll be using sony hd vegas to edit them later on, will editing issues/performance depend wether the vid files are on the ssd or hdd?
(This is the first with an ssd i'll get hands on so i have practically no idea)