Need Alienware 17 R3 factory/stock image! Please help me

Sagar B Hathwar

New Member
Jan 26, 2016

I bought an Alienware 17 R3 in November. It came with Windows 10. Specs are i7-6700hq, GTX 970m, 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD
Recently, while installing Ubuntu, the partitioning was destroyed by mistake. Dell technical support says there is no way I can get back to factory settings, but can use the recovery system image if someone has create it! Their recovery media is nothing more than Microsoft media creation tool.

Clonezilla can be used for cloning -
EaseUS -

P.S. - Even if your system has been populated with a few software(i.e. isn't totally factory fresh), please do consider making a clone and helping me. I'm really desperate for it

P.S. - For anyone who has an AW 17 R3 with windows 10, please help me by creating a clone of your system using one of the cloning software giving me the image. Its a sincere request.

So, if anyone with Alienware 17 R3 created a recovery image as soon as they got their laptop, I would be indebted if they could kindly share their recovery image though cloud or FTP site. I beg for your help. Please help a fellow AW owner :)

Thank you