Need help! I’m going to upgrade my aurora R2 and need some advice.


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Oct 3, 2021
I Have an old aurora r2 I want to bring back to life. Everything is in mint condition but it is 12 years old. I3 processor, terrible graphics card.. etc. Anyway I need help with where to take this. I was thinking I’ll upgrade the graphics card so I can at least play games.. then go motherboard and after that upgrade the cpu.

Any advice on a graphics card and route to take would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!!


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Hello, it will depend on what games you want to play. The old i3 will really struggle with most games, even older ones, so pairing it with a newer GPU won't be worth it. If it's an R2 then I'm guessing it has a first gen Core i3 like a i3-560 or similar. You can try finding an i7-960 which will do a much better job.
If you don't want to upgrade the CPU just yet then I'd suggest a 600 or 700 series Nvidia GPU. Something like a GTX 670 or 770 should be ok.
Later on you can upgrade the motherboard, CPU and RAM (will all have to be done at the same time) and then you can go for a more recent GPU.
Since you have the i3 then you may also have to look at upgrading the power supply.


Jan 9, 2013
An i7 960 is a 1st Gen Intel Core series CPU, socket 1366, used in Aurora R1

If you have an R2, it's based on Intel's P55 platform (LGA 1156 Socket). Processors include Core i5 / i7 (1st gen Lynnfield quad core only). In order of model number: i5 750 / 760 & i7 860 / 870 / 875 / 880

Might wanna check to see if yours has the 525watt or 875watt PSU (Part# W299G or J556T) >< (pull the plastic inspection plate off to read side label, or back PSU out & read it)
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