Need Help Identifying Vintage Alienware Computer Model and Specs


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Oct 6, 2018
Hi, I just got this vintage Alienware computer. The seller had no information on it and I have not been able to find much on the internet.

I am looking to know the model of this computer, plus I want to know if the components are original to the machine, or if they have been swapped out over time. I am fairly sure this model is pre-Dell.

I am thinking that the parts may not be original because:
1) I always thought that Alienware computers were generally using high end parts. However, the motherboard and CPU in this rig are not high end.
2) Also, when it arrived, the motherboard still had the sticker over the AGP slot warning not to use 3.3v AGP cards. I find it odd that an Alienware computer would not come with a discrete graphics card.
3) The two floppy drives and CD/DVD drives do not match the case. They are mixed brand and are beige. Wouldn't Alienware have shipped these with a silver floppy drive and silver CD/DVD drive?
4) The power supply is a "Mad Dog" brand power supply. Is this a brand Alienware would have used?

The main reason I want to know all this is that the motherboard has three leaking caps. If this is the original motherboard, I will probably re-cap the board so that it is back to original running condition. But, if the motherboard is not the original, I will just go ahead and replace it.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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