Need Help on my Aurora R4 alx


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Sep 6, 2019
My issue is, while I was gaming, my machine shuts off all of a sudden, no bsod, no nothing, it just shuts off. The only thing that it has is the constant orange light at the alien head on top and at the air flow duct at the bottom (will post picture). 20190906_210052.jpg

I unplugged it and completely drain the power, then plug back in and hit the power button. Nothing happens, no response, just the orange lights. But I can see that there's power (somewhat) because my headphones still lights up and the led indicator of my gpu also lights up. So it gave me the idea that there's power flowing. But it doesn't boot up. No beeps too.

Could it be a faulty or dead power supply?

Background: My machine is almost 6 years old. Upgraded the GPU twice, upgraded the ram, replaced the coil cell battery once.


Mar 19, 2012
Can you run a pre-boot assessment? I believe if you press F12 while booting you can run the tool. This will run through all your hardware for errors. I've never done one on an AW desktop but the laptops all have it.