Need help with a laptop case!

Hey everyone! Firstly, I apologise for posting another stupid thread lol.. I'm just absolutely stuck.

I purchased a Mcklein Willowbrook detachable wheeled briefcase in pink which again, supposedly fits 17" laptops. I was so happy to have an Italian leather briefcase that came with detachable wheels, fit my laptop and stationary, and in pink Italian leather!!

Upon receiving it I found that it is not in fact a 17" laptop case, as the interior dimensions are only 15.5".. The "17" laptop case" section has a whole range of them but there are only two that actually have 17" interior dimensions; the "Damen" and the "Lasalle". Neither of these are pure Italian leather, instead they are "full grain oil tanned leather" and I cannot get pink, so I will have to get black. The Lasalle is more of a suitcase style case whereas the Damen is more "bagstyle". Are there ANY good laptop cases in pink available out there?! If not, would you recommend something else? Otherwise, what would you recommend out of the Damen and the Lasalle?

I will be using the laptop case for my makeup artistry course. The wheels were preferable as it saves my back/shoulders but can also be removed from the wheels if I just want to just carry the bag. I loved that I could also fit my notepads and stationary I need for my course as well as the laptop in the one bag, safely! Obviously I will have separate makeup cases for all my materials.

I would love to get something in pink (I am a pink fanatic lol!), but I will get black leather instead for something more practical and that actually fits my laptop! I am extremely looking forward to hearing your opinions on what a good laptop case would be! I need to exchange it ASAP as I will be getting a full refund for the pink case due to their misleading product information. Hopefully, with all your help ;), I will be able to organise my new case this weekend and have it all shipped Monday.

Thank you so much for your help, I was so shocked by the amount of responses I got on my last thread, you are all so much help! :D


Oct 26, 2012
Toronto ON CA
Just a few from your personal collection DDuB???? ;)

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Just noticed another Adelaidian! Welcome!!

Ugh this thread would not let me post on it until now! :/
So I've come to the conclusion I am not going to find a good quality laptop case in pink, let alone Italian leather. I am struggling to even find ANY case that will actually fit my laptop! Has anyone bought the specific Alienware Orion bag? (I think it's called a messenger bag actually). It's not pretty :( lol, but it looks like it would probably be the most practical, and safest, case for my laptop. I actually can't even find any "17" laptop cases" that have interior dimensions to fit a 17" laptop! -_- Absolutely stuck here lol!


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Mar 19, 2012
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I had trouble finding 17 - 18 inch bags around Adelaide too. Even a guy from Officeworks said he was having trouble finding them.

I ended up finding this one at The Good Guys but Harvey Norman has it these days. It's probably not 'pretty' but it's a very good bag. Prettier that the AW bag though in my opinion.

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It says it's for a 17.3 inch laptop but it actually fits my M18x (just). After I sold my M17x I looked everywhere for a 18 inch bag until I actually tried to fit it in my 17 inch bag and it slid in perfectly.
Matty B: Thanks! I'll have to have a look :) It is very hard to find a nice laptop case big enough anywhere, let alone Adelaide lol! :( Majority of '17.3" laptop cases' have interior dimensions of only 15.5"! Do not understand how that can be sold as a 17" laptop case.. :/

AeonSoul: LOL! It definitely is not!! Most Italian products are of the highest quality, that's all lol.