Need Help with Alienware command Center Installation after complete Hardware change


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Aug 14, 2019
Hi all,
i hope you can help me with my issue. I have bought a Alienware Area 51 R2 Case on ebay and also bought every new Hardware available on the Market:
Intel I9 9900
Zotac RTX 2080 AMP Extreme
Be Quite Dark Power 650 W
Be Quite Wate cooling System Silent Loop 120mm
Transcend M2 SSD 512 GB

After the installation i got first of all the problem that the Io board for the front panel couldn´t be connectet to the mainboard with the old cables from the old Mainboard. With 2 pin cables i was able to connect now every pin so that the front banel is working but not with lights. I have now used different bios flash instructions to install a working alienware command center but nothing is working. Most of the time if i try to install a command center
( i have tryed many :
it will freez my windows at the end of the installation. One time i have succeded to install a really old version but i got many error codes when i tryed to switch to the fx section in the command center.
My Case is now in the standard color Blue illuminated but i want to change it to green if possible with the help of a command center installation.

i hope you can help me with this issue.

Thank you Very much.



Jan 9, 2013
Your FIO board looks like it doesn't have the USB cable installed at the FIO or at the mthrbrd USB2.0 header
image (1).jpg
Here's a photo of the USB1 cable, below
h6hk9 USB.jpg
If your USB1 cable needs to be longer u can try an (or one of several types of) extension with male pins to adapt to the USB1 you have now
Other users have shopped for a longer 20inch type, usually called USB internal extension. If yours needs to be 24" then get a 24 incher. After you get the USB cable onto the FIO & your mthrbrd USB2.0 header, report back

CmndCntr 4.8.25 (CXT3D) is the latest for W10 | 4.0.59 (0N36D) is latest-last for 7 8 (works on 10)
4.0.38 might work on W10 (u can try 7/8.x compatibility mode if need be), two other versions (pre-W10) exist but are not on the FTP site

Sometimes, when swapping in a new aftrmrkt mthrbrd, neither of the side panel lights will light up, if yours do then u got lucky. If only your Alienhead & black front panel surround lights light up, no one knows what the fix for it is ... ... ...

edit: You posted a NotePad Bios File for 51R2.txt, I assume this allowed you to overcome the proprietary block on install, your install procedure & NotePad File perhaps borrowed from How to Install Command Center for a Non-Alienware Motherboard where a successful Bios Registry Import taken from that page may look like below
A51 R2 Capture.jpg

Today I've attached the Registry Bios Info for XJKKD mthrbrd = Bios A12 (A51R2A12.txt) for anyone who needs it
NotePad A12.JPG
Method 1) Save my A51R2A12.txt, open it when needed, click File > Save As > name it something like A12.reg & save it to your desktop; import it into your Registry before CmndCntr install per how-to
Method2) Save my A51R2A12.txt, open it when needed, copy the text, now open another Notepad & paste in the text, now name it & save as a .reg file, then import into RegEdit etc
screencap A12.JPG


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