Need Help with Alienware command Center Installation after complete Hardware change


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Aug 14, 2019
Hi all,
i hope you can help me with my issue. I have bought a Alienware Area 51 R2 Case on ebay and also bought every new Hardware available on the Market:
Intel I9 9900
Zotac RTX 2080 AMP Extreme
Be Quite Dark Power 650 W
Be Quite Wate cooling System Silent Loop 120mm
Transcend M2 SSD 512 GB

After the installation i got first of all the problem that the Io board for the front panel couldn´t be connectet to the mainboard with the old cables from the old Mainboard. With 2 pin cables i was able to connect now every pin so that the front banel is working but not with lights. I have now used different bios flash instructions to install a working alienware command center but nothing is working. Most of the time if i try to install a command center
( i have tryed many :
it will freez my windows at the end of the installation. One time i have succeded to install a really old version but i got many error codes when i tryed to switch to the fx section in the command center.
My Case is now in the standard color Blue illuminated but i want to change it to green if possible with the help of a command center installation.

i hope you can help me with this issue.

Thank you Very much.


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Jan 9, 2013
Your FIO board looks like it doesn't have the USB cable installed at the FIO or at the mthrbrd USB2.0 header
image (1).jpg
Here's a photo of the USB1 cable, below
h6hk9 USB.jpg
If your USB1 cable needs to be longer u can try an (or one of several types of) extension with male pins to adapt to the USB1 you have now
Other users have shopped for a longer 20inch type, usually called USB internal extension. If yours needs to be 24" then get a 24 incher. After you get the USB cable onto the FIO & your mthrbrd USB2.0 header, report back

CmndCntr 4.8.25 (CXT3D) is the latest for W10 | 4.0.59 (0N36D) is latest-last for 7 8 (works on 10)
4.0.38 might work on W10 (u can try 7/8.x compatibility mode if need be), two other versions (pre-W10) exist but are not on the FTP site

Sometimes, when swapping in a new aftrmrkt mthrbrd, neither of the side panel lights will light up, if yours do then u got lucky. If only your Alienhead & black front panel surround lights light up, no one knows what the fix for it is ... ... ...

edit: You posted a NotePad Bios File for 51R2.txt, I assume this allowed you to overcome the proprietary block on install, your install procedure & NotePad File perhaps borrowed from How to Install Command Center for a Non-Alienware Motherboard where a successful Bios Registry Import taken from that page may look like below
A51 R2 Capture.jpg

Today I've attached the Registry Bios Info for XJKKD mthrbrd = Bios A12 (A51R2A12.txt) for anyone who needs it
NotePad A12.JPG
Method 1) Save my A51R2A12.txt, open it when needed, click File > Save As > name it something like A12.reg & save it to your desktop; import it into your Registry before CmndCntr install per how-to
Method2) Save my A51R2A12.txt, open it when needed, copy the text, now open another Notepad & paste in the text, now name it & save as a .reg file, then import into RegEdit etc
screencap A12.JPG


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