I have did a reformat to help boost my fps in Americas Army 3 my current FPS is 10-30 and is very irritating. I am looking for any help in trying to raise this i have tried adjusting everything eith the game and adjusted my windows settings to try to help with no luck. Anyone know what may be causing the low fps? I dont think its my machine i have a Mx15 8 gig ram i7 quad core 2.66 and a radeon HD5000 1gig graphics card.
You can do the following suggestions I found on another forum.

1.) Tweak your .ini files to show the absolute lowest graphics settings. Don't worry, the resolution stays the same and the game still looks relatively well. You can still read things on wall etc. etc. All it really does it take out the stuff you don't notice such as moths flying around lights and the exact pattern on soldier's uniform.*2.) Use a program such as Gamebooster 3 and crank that to delete everything you don't need. Everything. Unused drivers, Windows Explorer, that firewall that came with the computer but you never actually signed up for. If you're using Windows 7 this process alone frees up about a half a gig of RAM.*3.) When you start the game, by default it launches on Low CPU Priority. For me at least. Alt + Tab out of the game, then bring up Task Manager, Right click on AA3Game.exe, set CPU Priority or just Priority to "High". (Setting it to realtime will make you see some trippy things ingame). I used to get like 5-15 FPS before doing this, now I get 10-25. Massive improvement by my standards and I can play now. Also, while you're here, Set the Affinity to make sure the game is using all four of your cores.

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