need some advice on a old r2


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Jun 30, 2018
hello all thank you for reading this post my old r2 is on the last leg by this i mean needs a new battery, charging port is starting to come loose, randomly the keyboard wont work on startup and i will have to restart, every once in a great while this poor old beast will crash without warning. a little bit of backstory i bought the poor old girl at a 2nd hand computer shop( 2013) with windows 7 and i7 processor. guy lied told me it had both graphics cards and was crossfired (only one card radeon hd 5870),had 8 GB ram(only has 6GB and in the configuration of one 4 GB and one 2 GB) and last but not least both hard-drives (only had one which was a 500 GB non ssd. was able to buy a 120 GB ssd for system.

now onto the questions i am still running the 6 GB ram and older windows 7 system along with only 1 graphic card what i would like to know is First, is this system worth fixing to keep around a bit longer and what can i do to get a bit more performance if so. Next, if it is worth keeping around is upgrading windows to 10 a good idea and how since i know for r2 it was a bit harder since dell didnt update drivers for this paticular model. C, if i should go to a newer model what do i need to look out for.

p.s system is occasionally used for gaming but as a everyday use is more for downloads and movie playing would like to play more games though also apologies if this is similar to any other posts